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Seatbelt Defects

A safe seatbelt is designed to protect an occupant from a crash. The seatbelt system is composed of different parts and a “D-ring”, which secures the belt to the frame of the vehicle. Some seatbelt systems are secured directly to the seat.

If you are ejected, or partially ejected, from your car in an auto accident, even though you are wearing your seat belt, this is a sign your seat belt may have been defective. If you were told your family member was not wearing a seat belt, explore the possibility of seat belt failure. Many cars have a computer that records seat belt use.

Defective seatbelt systems fail during a crash when:

  • The webbing separates 
  • The buckle unlatches 
  • The retractor spools out The pretensioner does not fire
  • The fit (geometry) does not restrain the occupant

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