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Barge Accidents

Barges are one of the most dangerous types of maritime vessels to work on because of their size, weight and design. They can transport more than 60 times more cargo that a semi-trailer, and the cargo transported can range from industrial chemicals to food grains, minerals and even cars.

Barges are designed as flat surface boats, similar to rafts, which need to be pulled or towed. Because of their size and cargo weight, they are typically restricted with their movement in the water. These restrictions can cause hazards when reacting to the maritime environment, and a maritime accident may occur.

Towing cables and ropes on a barge are also common causes of barge injuries, as well as their winches and cranes. Maritime injuries can result from hands getting caught in the equipment, insufficient training, cargo explosions or simply slippery decks.

If you or a loved one has suffered a maritime injury due to a barge accident, you need maritime attorneys equipped to handle your case. Insurance companies are quick to settle and sometimes offer a minimal settlement, insufficient compared to your damages.

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