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Oil Field Accidents

Look to the Wigrum team for in-depth experience with petroleum industry accidents — we’ve pursued numerous claims and lawsuits for personal injury and/or wrongful death and obtained justice for victims of physical injuries, disabilities, impairments, along with coverage of medical expenses and long-term health care needs.


On-the-job accidents are all too common in the oil & gas/petroleum industry across the nation and closer to home in the Eagle Ford play or out in the Gulf. Although the government monitors hazards in the industry, the obsessive corporate push for higher profits can be a set-up for disaster in the oilfield or refinery. These disasters are compounded by workers’ long shifts, infrequent days off, high stress and lack of rest/sleep.


Refinery and oil field workers (including mud loggers, wireline operators, rig movers, and other third party contractors), are permanently injured or killed by:

-chemical spills


-rig collapse

-mechanical device failures


-defective plant design


-falls from high rigging

-electrical failures

-exposure to toxic fumes

-machinery failures

-defective equipment

-improper use of heavy machinery

-poor training

If you’re suffering the effects of an oilfield accident or death of a family member in the industry, contact Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP. We have the experience and drive to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

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