Areas of Practice

Land Owner Rights and Mineral Disputes

Texas land and mineral owners, especially those in the Eagle Ford Shale region of South Texas, often encounter issues that impact not only their lives, but also the legacy they leave and the future of their descendants. Title disputes, royalty battles, surface damages, and water rights are just a sampling of the land and mineral owner issues that Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP is equipped to handle. We are South Texas landowners ourselves, and we know and understand your perspective and the protections you need to safeguard your most valuable possession and investment.

Title Disputes

Title Disputes result from disagreements over the ownership of land and mineral interests, and are usually caused by vague or ambiguous language contained in a conveyance instrument. The proper interpretation of the instruments in your chain of title is crucial to ensuring you are receiving your rightful share of the various benefits that land and mineral owners enjoy.

Lease Disputes and Royalty Litigation

An oil and gas lease is a contract between a mineral owner and an operator that imposes both explicit and implied duties and obligations on the operator—duties and obligations that many operators ignore and treat as non-existent. That contract—the lease—obligates the oil company to pay the mineral owner a royalty on the oil and gas produced from the mineral owner’s lands. If you are a mineral owner and have questions about whether your contractual rights are being honored or trampled, or questions about whether you are being paid properly for the oil and gas produced from your mineral interest, we stand ready to assist you.

Surface Damages and Environmental Disasters

An oil company that leases minerals has the right to the reasonable use of the surface estate for the exploration and production of the minerals below. However, that oil company does not have the right to damage your property or contaminate your ground or air with dangerous and toxic oilfield chemicals. Many surface owners, especially those that do not own the minerals below, suffer the consequences of exploration and production without any understanding of their rights—rights that are often ignored by unscrupulous operators. If you’ve lost the enjoyment of your land, been the victim of unreasonable surface damage, or are dealing with the aftermath of an environmental contamination, let us be your “clean up” crew.

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