Areas of Practice

Environmental Negligence

If your land or leasehold has been damaged by pipeline leaks, toxic dumping, or destruction of the land surface by drilling crews, waste disposal companies or other corporate wrongdoers, you may have a case against them. We have an excellent track record for taking corporate profiteers to court to make them pay dearly for their callous destruction of the environment. Here are some examples:

-We sued the owners/operators of a natural gas processing plant for the gigantic underground plumes of toxic material generated by decades of careless oil and gas production. We’re making them pay for this poisonous threat to the groundwater and the people who depend on it for drinking water.

-We fought to keep Texas air clean by challenging the air permit for the proposed Las Brisas Coal Plant in Nueces County. We represented doctors, medical groups, citizens and environmental organizations concerned about the effect of air pollution on the populace. The result was a judicial panel opinion that Las Brisas Energy Center “…failed to meet its burden of proof” and that the “permits sought by LBEC may not issue at this time.”


The farm and ranch traditions are the very foundation of our state and our wilderness areas are an irreplaceable legacy for generations to come. Sadly, money-driven companies abuse and pollute Texas air, land and water in their quest for the almighty dollar. At Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP, we seek to preserve our shared legacy for future generations. We stand ready to assist you.