Opening statements were heard last week in San Antonio against an alleged defective Audi case. Joe Dunn and Jeff Wigington represent the family of a seven-year-old boy, severely injured in a rear end collision.

Statements started with Jeff Wigington of Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP as he presented the plaintiff’s side. Jurors were in rapt attention as Mr. Wigington explained his expectations of the evidence to be given against Audi and VW Volkswagen.

“There’s only one person injured in this accident,” said Wigington. “Out of all the people involved, there’s one person and he’s hurt real bad.”

The little boy was only seven when the accident occurred, and after hearing statements from defense, jurors were able to hear from a medical expert on the extent of the child’s injuries.

“…You know, he’s 11,” said Jeff Wigington. “And worst of all, he understands that he has all of these problems and he’s going to have them for the rest of his life.”

Evidence will be presented on this case this week in San Antonio.